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Command Terminal screen

Navigation is the art of steering the Daedalus to its current destination. It is performed by accessing the Command Terminal at the Bridge, which requires the Icon Commander title or successful usage of the Icon Hacker Kit to access. This can be done while Icon Dirty.


Steering the ship costs 1 Action Point for each 90 degrees in change of heading provided that both lateral reactors are functioning correctly. For instance, a turn from north to east will cost 1 Action Point and a turn from north to south will cost 2 Action Point.

If a Lateral Reactor is broken, the ship will not be able to turn in the respective direction. This will make it cost up to 3 Action Point to turn. For instance, if the right Icon TODO: left? lateral reactor is broken, the ship will not be able to turn to the right and instead has to make 3 turns to the left.

Turning the ship may also damage surrounding hunters if they are present. This will cause a "redirection disturbed by collision" announcement, but the turning is still successful.

Icon TODO: Can turning the ship around be usefull to fight hunters, compared to using turrets? Do trax and aracks also get damage?


If the Emergency Reactor is broken, the ship cannot move forward. And if there are Aracks present they will prevent the ship from moving, which will be recorded in the log, but 1 Action Point is still consumed in the attempt.

PILGRED jumps are still possible, though.

Moving the ship when an expedition is in progress will cause the death of all crew members on the planet. Similarly, if any patrol ship is outside, its pilot will be left to die (unless NERON project Magnetic Net is complete and has not been deactivated at the BIOS Terminal). Counting pink dots in the tracker or visiting a turret are safe ways to verify that all crew members are on board.