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  1. Player can report the broken door twice. 1-st time from one door side, 2-nd - another side.
  2. Mutated player can sometimes use public channel.
  3. The Wash button in the shower's hover tooltip description just says "#wash".
  4. The Twinoid title you gain from surviving as Ian any number of cycles is called "She likes a little, a lot..." I assume this is a really badly translated version of "She loves me, she loves me not".
  5. Playing from mobile phones can make some options saved when you are on Patroller/Paciphae. Like minimap/vending machine or even some skills. Piromaniac`s action saved(do not check what is happend if use it).
  6. As Raluca if you hover over the "Genius" skill, it's labeled as "Technician", both in game and when choosing a character.

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