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Trading is a feature introduced in Icon Episode III which allows the Icon Communications Officer to trade objects, resources, NERON Projects and even crew members to passing alien transporter ships via the Comms Center.

To partake in trading, the Shortwave Radio feature must be accessed on the Comms Center. While the entire crew may view the Shortwave Radio screen, only the Icon Communications Officer can perform the trades. Even the Icon Hacker Kit cannot override this.


To make a trade, an alien Transporter ship must be present outside the Daedalus, and space must be free of Hunters or asteroids. Its arrival and departure are announced by NERON in the general chat tab.
Plenty o' booty! Yarr!

Alternatively, Transporters can be targeted and destroyed by turrets and patrollers, potentially leaving useful salvageable items in the wreckage.

Confirmed drops include:

Damaging the Transporter or declining one of its trade offers will prompt it to leave on the following cycle change.

Icon Warning: If no target has been specified, the actions Fire (Turret) and Fire on a Hunter (Patroller) may randomly target the Transporter.
Always select your targets before shooting, to make sure you do not accidentally damage one!

Icon Confirm: Can Meridon Scrambler cause Hunters to fire at the Transporter?

Completing a trade

The Shortwave Radio in action

When called via the Shortwave Radio, the aliens will offer one or several randomized transactions which can only be accepted or declined. Accepting or declining an offer costs 2 Action Point. If you accept an offer without having the goods ready, it is automatically declined.

If a character on the bridge is a Icon Diplomat (or Icon Polyvalent), there will be more trade options than usual, like exchanging higher amounts, a discount, or the option to pay with different goods. Other skills, reportedly Icon Botanist, can unlock such options as well, depending on the subject.

Items and Resources

Any items located in the ship's storage rooms, as well as ship resources such as Oxygen Oxygen and Fuel Fuel may be traded.

As a side-effect, the "Objects present for exchange" list allows everyone on the bridge to see all items in the storage rooms.

Icon Bug: Even Icon Hidden objects are being listed and may be traded at will.

NERON Projects

You can trade one of your completed projects for another project that has not been completed yet. The exchanged projects, both sold and bought, are random and cannot be chosen.

It is possible to trade away Gold Projects bought from the Vending Machine this way.

Icon Note: As of Episode VI, certain gold projects are appearing through trades. Whether this is a bug is unknown.


Trading permits the exchange of a random Icon Inactive crew member located in the ship's storage rooms, and a random Icon Highly Inactive crew member located anywhere on the ship. Any items the exchanged character was carrying at the time of trading will remain on the storage shelf.

Reported character exchange goods include Oxygen, Fuel, Hydropots, random NERON Projects, random Gold Projects and even a finished PILGRED Reactor.

Stopicon.png Beware! If the Comms Officer happens to be a Mush, they can trade even active people from storage rooms!

Icon Note: To get inactive (but not yet highly inactive) characters in position for trading, characters with the Icon Solid and Icon Wrestler skills are useful, as they may kick characters from room to room using their Kick them out ! action, which costs 1 Action Point less for inactive targets. For probabilities of achieving this task, see Moving Inactives to Storage‎.