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Relaying is the process of resetting each other's efficiency in work involving Research, NERON Projects and PILGRED Reactor repairs.

How it works

When a character participates in one of the types of projects listed above, they progress its development by a certain percentage. Each successive attempt on the same project has its efficiency reduced by 2-3%, meaning that a single character is unable to finish most of the projects single-handedly, as their efficiency will eventually drop down to 0%.

If another person contributes, all other participants' efficiency is reset to full. Thus, the most efficient way to participate in a research/project/PILGRED repair is for two or more characters, preferably with Skills beneficial to the work in question, to alternate working on it. This will guarantee that their Action Point and/or special skill points like NERON Project Point, PILGRED Repair Point etc. are spent as efficiently as possible.

Note that NERON project NERON Participation allows NERON to advance its projects every cycle: this does not count as or need relaying.

Related skills

A large number of skills increase a character's efficiency for certain NERON's Core projects; see the NERON Projects page for details.

Icon Biologist and Icon Medic increase a character's base Research efficiency, making relaying more valuable for them.

Icon Technician and Icon Physicist increase a character's base efficiency at repairing PILGRED.

Icon NERON's only friend: Having this skill in the crew means that NERON project progress will always be the highest available percentage, rather than a random amount from withing the range. This means that, for example, a project where you'd usually have a base efficiency of 13-17% etc. will have a base efficiency of 17-17%. Efficiency still degrades with participation as usual, however.

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