Oxygen Tank

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Oxygen TankOxygen Tank
Oxygen Tank

In-game Description Maintenance Stats
The Oxygen tank stores the oxygen necessary for the crew to continue with their asphyxiation avoidance strategy. Daedalus oxygen reservoir, operate with caution. DO NOT EMPTY for a laugh.
Repairing. Repair: 25%
Dismantle chance.Dismantle: no
Sabotaging. Sabotage: 25%
Green Jelly. Slime target: no
Map Center Storage.png

Center Alpha Storage and Center Bravo Storage

The Oxygen Tank is an equipment located in Center Alpha Storage and Center Bravo Storage. Can be used to retrieve or inject Icon Oxygen Capsules. 1 additional oxygen unit is lost each cycle per broken oxygen tank.

Passive Effect

The Daedalus leaks 1 Oxygen at each cycle for each broken tank.


Extract Oxygen Tank

  • Requires: Your inventory is not full, the Oxygen level is at least 1.
  • Effect: An Icon Oxygen Capsule is placed in your inventory, the ship loses 1Oxygen.
  • Icon Secret log: <Name> took some oxygen out of the reservoir very cautiously. He looks so peaceful.

Note: it is possible to inject Oxygen Capsules back into the tank, provided you are in a center storage room and the tank is not broken.


  • Requires: You have at least 1 Icon Oxygen Capsule in your inventory.
  • Effect: An Icon Oxygen Capsule is removed from your inventory, the ship gains 1Oxygen.
  • Icon Secret log: Pscchhhht... And there we go, a little extra oxygen!