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Most of the ship equipment can break down for various reasons. Locating the equipment that needs maintenance and repairing it is a daily task, for which a Icon Technician is particularly gifted.

It is also possible to dismantle permanently some equipment. In order to prevent malicious dismantling, it is possible to first reinforce important equipment.

Causes of break-downs

There are essentially two possible causes for an equipment to become broken:

  • Accidental: by random chance at cycle change, by electrical spikes or fires.
    • The risk increases as the days tick by, so it is rare (but still possible) to have multiple equipment break-downs in early days.

There is no way to prevent an equipment from breaking down.

Finding Broken Equipment


    • Most equipment gets a generic message Icon TODO: Add image of generic message, but some like Oxygen Tanks, Fuel Tanks, and Neron Bios have their own specific messages (see image above).
    • Neron does not make announcements for sabotaged equipment, or equipment that is damaged by a fire or electrical spike event.
  • Broken equipments should be visibly smoking (see right image of broken camera), but this can be buggy and the visuals might not appear Icon Bug: is it still true?. However, when clicked on, broken equipment will always give you the option to repair, and (if currently unreported) the chance to report it.
    • Broken patrol ships have no visible signs Icon Bug: is it still true?. You have to click on it to check their status.
Broken camera with smokes

Reporting Broken Equipment

  • Once someone clicks on the broken equipment and reports it, Neron posts another message that includes the reporting person's name:
  • Now when crew members hover the mouse icon over the broken equipment alert Broken.png, a pop-up will come up that includes the reporter's name and which room the broken equipment is. Icon TODO: add image
    • However it still does not display which equipment is broken. You have to post a message in the chatbox to share this info yourself.
  • Icon Support Drones will attempt to repair the equipment if they are in the same room, whether the broken equipment was reported or not.


All equipment requires 1 Action Point or 1 Repair Point to repair. The action is available to all. It is advised to be well-equipped in order to avoid becoming dirty, hurt, or to improve success chance.

1Action Point Repair

The base percentage for successful repair varies per equipment (6%, 12% or 25%). The Technician skill doubles this chance. The Adjustable Wrench and the Alien Bottle Opener also increase your chances by half. The Technician skill, the Adjustable Wrench and the Alien Bottle Opener stack together for even better percentages. The success chance also increases after each try. See the Table below for an example.

no tools 1 tool both tools
No Technician Bonus 12% 18% 27%
Technician Bonus 24% 36% 54%

Note that the best possible percentage is 99%. There will always be a chance that you will fail at the repair. However, with each failure your percentage of likely repair improves each time.

Dismantling and Reinforcing Equipment


Only the Icon Technician skill will let you dismantle equipment and objects. Only a few pieces of equipment are available for dismantling, most notably the Shower for its valuable Icon Thick Tube, a necessary component of Icon Swedish Sofas. As with repair, the Icon Adjustable Wrench and the Icon Alien Bottle Opener will increase your chances of a successful dismantling, and failure will also increase your chances. All equipment costs 1 Repair Point or 3 Action Point to disassemble.


A Icon Technician can also reinforce equipment to make it harder to sabotage and to prevent the dismantling ability. It does not protect the object from breaking. It requires 2 Action Point or 1Repair Point, and Icon Scrap Metal. There is a flat starting success rate of 35%.

This skill is useful for protecting vital equipment from Mush or griefers. For instance, if you suspect that you have a mush technician, it could be worth your while to reinforce the second Shower so you don't end up showering in the Kitchen, or reinforcing the Swedish Sofa so it doesn't get destroyed. Conversely, as a mush you could reinforce both showers or other things that are helpful to be dismantled.

The important thing to stress is that this protects you from other players, not from the RNG. Don't waste your scrap.