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Specialist duties Titles
Planet.png Astrophysics Title 01.png Commander
Pa garden.png Gardening Title 03.png Communications Officer
Moral.png Morale Title 02.png NERON Admin
Mush icon.png Mush Hunting
Neron.png NERON Projects Action.png Generalist Duties
Pa pilgred.png PILGRED reactor repairs
Pilot small.png Piloting
Microsc.png Research
Stopicon.png This page is in progress. The goal is to give a simple overview of every type of job on the ship. This page is designed to answer questions such as "What I should do?", "What skills do my team expect me to take?", "How difficult is to learn my job properly?", and "How much time and communication does it take?". The rating in each category is completely subjective, so feel free to discuss in the talk page or at!view/104909

This page contains short overviews of most duties on the ship. You can see what characters are expected to do different roles, what skills they need for those duties, so you can choose a role for yourself. Pay attention to job difficulty, how much communication with team it requires and how active you should be to be the most effective.

Icon Note: The priorities given on this page assume everything is running fine on your ship. Emergencies and requests for assistance can drastically alter the time, skill, and communication requirements.

Specialist duties

These roles require a specific skill or title to be the most effective (or in some cases, to even have access!). If you take a character with the skill for one of these jobs, you will be expected to focus on it.


Icon General criterias Icon
Job Difficulty Medium
Required Communication Medium
Activity Level Low

Main skills - Icon Astrophysicist

Secondary skills - Icon IT Expert

Your job is to find planets to explore. There are two steps - first you must locate a planet to scan, then you must analyze it. Report on what you've found and decide if it is worth the fuel it costs and the risks it may pose. If your team likes the look of it, you must wait for them to get organized, travel to the planet, explore it, and move away again before you can look for the next; any scanned planet will be lost after the ship moves, no matter which direction or how far you go. If a planet is undesirable, whether because it is too risky or doesn't have enough of the right resources, delete it and start on another. Visiting planets will provide many resources for your crew - oxygen, fuel, food, and alien artifacts - and is important to the survival of a long-lasting ship. Planet scanning is done on the bridge, and requires you to be clean.

Job Difficulty - Medium

Know your zones - what resources can you get from each? Which ones are dangerous enough to immediately scrap the planet? How much risk will an exploration team face, and what items should they bring along to help? You also have to keep an eye on ship resources; know how much longer the oxygen will last before people start dying and when it's time to make a food or fuel run, so you can be looking for the resources your crew needs. Remember that once you are in orbit, people can view the zones for themselves - if you made poor judgments, you might face the consequences.

Required communication - Medium

You'll be expected to report your progress frequently, and to deliver a full analysis of a planet on demand - how much fuel it takes to get there and what direction to go, what to expect and what you'll get out of it.

Icon Note: If multiple people are scanning planets, a much greater level of communication is required. You cannot see or scan the planets your teammates are working on, so it's important to tell each other what you are finding. Don't waste a bunch of AP when somebody else has found a good planet, because it will be lost when you move.

Activity Level - Low

Fully scanning a planet takes a lot of AP, especially if it has a lot of zones. If the ship has to move for any reason, all planets are lost, as is the progress put into them. The best way to avoid wasted AP is to wait until your bar is full, then spend it all at once to scan a planet or two as completely as possible. You can log in once or twice a day to do this.

Expected Astrophysicists

Icon Frieda Bergmann - has Icon Astrophysicist skill at level 1 and is often the only Astrophysicist on board. Her Icon IT Expert skill, unlocked at level 4, can boost her efficiency by saving her some AP.

Additional Astrophysicists

Icon Lai Kuan Ti - has Icon Astrophysicist skill at level 3. His main focus is NERON Projects and Icon Technician work, but if the need is great, those can wait. He is often a backup in case Character: Frieda is inactive or dead.

Icon Gioele Rinaldo - has Icon Astrophysicist skill at level 4. This matches well with the Icon Caffeine Junkie skill - pull the Icon Coffee from the machine for a few cycles and drink it all at once. Remember to use the apron!

Icon Mage Book - Anyone can scan for planets, but having the Icon Astrophysicist skill lets you analyze more zones at once and saves you action points. If you were chosen to read this book, you probably should dedicate yourself to this task if you don't have an important one already.

Important tips

It is often a good idea to keep a planet with O2 with insta-kill zones for when the ship is critically low on oxygen. It is also highly recommended to delete planets with these zones: Mankarogs, Seismic activity, Volcanoes, the reason for this is that there is a chance a crew member can die there and the risk is usually not worth the reward.


Icon General criterias Icon
Job Difficulty Easy
Required Communication Zero
Activity Level Low

Main skills - Icon Botanist

Secondary skills - Icon Green Thumb

Job of a gardener is to keep plants on the ship fine and healthy. Every day he/she waters, cures his trees, plant new fruits if needed. Also Icon Botanist are welcome to join expedition team to get more alien fruits from planets. In this job generalists do not have any penalties, a person with Icon Botanist skill just have 2-4 free points per day. If your ship does not have a Icon Botanist you can just select any crew member to do it.

Job Difficulty - Easy

Reading few tips from the main article is enough.

Required Communication - Zero

You really don't need any help from your team, you can easily do the work alone.

Activity Level - Low

You will need to check plants once a day. If you can - do it on C8. If you cannot - do it earlier but ask somebody to check on C8 as well. On first days try also be active on C1 to plant new fruits as soon as possible.

Expected gardeners

Icon Ian Soulton - has Icon Botanist skill at level 1 and is often expected to do most of the work himself, on level 4 Ian can add Icon Green Thumb skill to have more plants and make them mature faster.

Additional gardeners

Icon Jiang Hua - has Icon Botanist skill at level 2. Hua is expected to be pilot, so if you are Icon Bronze - then leave the work for Ian. If you can take both Icon Pilot and Icon Botanist you are still expected to focus on piloting, but you can help with your free points.


Morale General criterias Morale
Job Difficulty Zero to Easy
Required Communication Zero to Medium
Activity Level Zero to Medium

Main skills - Icon Mankind's only hope Icon Shrink Icon Confident Icon Leader

Keeping everyone's morale high is important for every ship. If morale reaches 0, the character does a suicide on next cycle change! As mushes have multiple ways to lower your morale instantly, high morale will make crew member less vulnerable to possible Icon Demoralize attacks. Having low morale also has a few more disadvantages. Every skill listed here slows the morale lose or give different ways to restore it. There are other ways to restore morale, but they need more ap to be used, or require limited resourses, or require a lot of communication, or put crew member on additional risk to become mushes - having at least some active players with these skills make life on the ship much easier.

Job Difficulty - Zero to Easy

Skills are different. You should check the description of each skill to see how it works, but using all of them is easy.

Communication Required - Zero to Medium

You don't need any communication with Mankind's only hope or Confident. Icon Shrinks and Icon Leaders need to comfort people, who asked for that. The most difficult is to use Leader - you will need to make speeches in rooms with lots of people or better - tell others when and where you are going to do speeches, so everyone can come.

Activity Level - Zero to Medium

If you have "passive" skills - With Icon Mankind's only hope or Icon Confident it will be ok if you become idle. Icon Shrinks and Icon Leaders should check the game at least few times a day to provide their help in emergencies.

Expected Morale Boosters

Icon Janice Kent - has Icon Shrink at level 1, the best skill to keep morale high, any Janice player should take it.

Icon Zhong Chun - has Icon Mankind's only hope at level 1, without this skill morale will drop very fast, every Chun is expected to take it.

Additional Morale Boosters

Icon Kim Jin Su - has Icon Leader at level 1, if your team already has Chun and Janice with proper skills in calm situation, it is not very important. But if any of them is idle or dead or if you are afraid of mush assasinion, you can take it over Pilot to provide some backup.

Icon Andie Graham - has Icon Confident at level 4, as Andie has a lot of important skills on lower levels only gold Andie with level 4 will probably take it.

Icon Banana - The ship starts with 2 mature plants of these and 2 Icon Banana's which give a +1 Morale boost, often used in the very early days so that Character: Ian can plant them. Alien Fruit found on expeditions can also have some Morale Morale benefits but they can often come with drawbacks like psychological illnesses and diseases, so it is always advised that a botanist checks their effects before eating them.

Mush Hunting

Icon General criterias Icon
Job Difficulty Difficult
Required Communication High
Activity Level High

Main skills - Icon Tracker

Secondary skills - Icon Observant Icon Shooter Icon Solid Icon Sprinter Icon Wrestler

Mushes are the main threat on board of Daedalus and as they are real players, they can act any way they want. There are lots of good mush tactics - they can try to fix PILGRED reactor themselves to return to Sol, they can stay hidden and make humans repair the reactor for them. They can try to assassinate critical crew members or try to infect a lot of humans. They can sabotage items like O2 tanks, making humans die from lack of oxygen or just lie about planets they find in astroterminal, so humans will not be able to restore their resources. And these were just few examples, there are much more ways to destroy or manipulate ship and crew. Good mush hunter should know all those tactics, he should know how to discover those mush activities and should be ready for everything.

Job Difficulty - High

Mush hunter should understand when the crew is most vulnerable to prevent sertain mush actions. He should know most of game mechanics, understand why people can be wounded or dirty, why they do certain actions and passing certain rooms. He should know all mush skills and how they work. Also it's important to know every job on the ship, to understand if anyone is not working as expected.

Required Communication - High

While you can catch and eliminate mush yourself sometimes, most of investigations need cooperation of several people. Tell others about strange actions and movements, keep an eye on important items, discuss who are your suspects and what actions you should take. Note, that communication is also the strong weapon in the hands of mushes - then accuse humans for being mushes, if they do mistakes. They can lie about what actually happened to cover their actions.

Activity Level- High

Mush can strike any time. Sometimes their plans are very patient and long, other ruin the ship in one cycle. If you are active - you have better chances to discover mush activity just after it was done and you have better chance to eliminate mush before he can act. It's important to pay more attention while expeditions are in progress and the day change.

Expected Mush Hunters

Icon Eleesha Williams - has Icon Tracker at level 1. This allows Eleesha to see the direction that people entered and left a room in. For example it would say "Gioele entered the room from the Rear Corridor". This skill is required for printing the list which is a list which contains 1 confirmed Alpha Mush (Starting mush) and Icon Tracker cannot be learned from a Mage Book. Eleesha also gets Icon Observant, which has a 25% chance of revealing Icon Covert actions in the room she's in, as if she was a camera and allows her to search rooms for no Action Point AP cost.

Icon Zhong Chun - Chun does not have skills that provide a bonus to the hunt, but her Immune trait means she is the only person on the ship everyone can trust to not be a Mush. Eleesha may do the bulk of collecting the evidence, but it is usually Chun who leads the hunt. Her Icon Premonition can be used if somebody is caught in a suspicious place, but it is usually not recommended as it only reveals one action at the cost of a precious morale point.

Icon Wang Chao - Most of Chao's skills are tailored to combat, essential for eliminating the Mush once they are found. Additionally, his level 4 skill Icon Torturer reveals the last actions of a crew member according to how much health they have missing. Even if they don't reveal anything incriminating, it can be useful for telling the difference between random injuries and damage from taking a shower.

Additional Mush Hunters

Icon Derek Hogan - While still useful, Character: Derek 's skill set is better for killing the Mush once they are found and taking care of general needs around the ship. Icon Wrestler is particularly useful as it increases your hand-to-hand attacks damage by +2 Health Point damage, meaning a minimum of 3 Health Point of damage per successful hit so it is useful when taking down a confirmed Mush.

Icon Ian Soulton - The Pacifist trait can be used to make important characters harder to assassinate. Ian also learns Icon Mycologist at level 3, which allows him to use the Icon Medikit to heal crew members while also removing 1 Mush Spore. Helps in combined use with the Mycoscanner to see whether a crew member has been infected or not.

Icon Janice Kent - Her Icon Shrink allows psychological conditions to be cured with a public log. Since Mush can not develop disorders or diseases, it allows her to confirm that somebody is human - or at least was when they caught it!

Icon Andie Graham - While Character: Andie is usually engaged in either Piloting or Researching, the level 4 skill Icon Confident can reveal suspicious actions. It allows the crew to "Confide" with him/her and they gain +2 Morale morale while revealing a number of actions depending on Character: Andie 's morale hms/herself. Icon Devotion and Icon Expert can also be put to good use when it's time for the kill.

Icon Mage Book - Any characters who have or gain Icon Sprinter can help with the investigation by following movements in room logs with less wasted AP. Those with Icon Shooter or Icon Wrestler will be needed when it's time to finish the Mush.

Icon Note: But don't forget - to make ship safe from mushes, everyone should stay vigilant. Don't only relay on specialists like Eleesha and Chao, and don't blindly trust everything they say - they can also be mushes. Report about suspecious activity, discuss actions you saw, make privite chat with Chun and maybe other trusted humans if needed.

NERON Projects

Icon General criterias Icon
Job Difficulty Medium
Required Communication Medium
Activity Level Low or Medium

Work on NERON core gets benefits from different skills. Some skills allow you to work longer, some skills give bonuses in efficiency. But every skill give you bonus in efficiency only to several projects, not all of them. For example, while you need Technician to finish Plasma shield, he is useless in making Blaster Gun.

Skills that give free actions - Icon Designer Icon IT Expert

Main skill that give bonus efficiency - Icon Technician Icon Physicist Icon Pilot

Icon Note: There are a lot of other skills - each of them give bonuses to few NERON projects, you can check main article for details

Finishing projects in nexus give different benefits for whole ship, but effects are different for every project. You should always discuss what projects your team wants most of all, as you cannot take everything - you need to take one project from three, and the other two will be lost.

Job Difficulty - Easy or Medium

The work on projects itself is easy. You should come to nexus, access NERON core and participate in selected project. Most of ships discuss the project selection together and to take part in this discussion you need to know benefits of every project yourself to select the best one.

Communication Required - Medium

As it was said before, you need to discuss what project to work on (or at least read what the others have selected). Working alone on projects is very inefficient (even if you have proper skills); you will need at least one person to work with you. See Relaying for more details.

Activity Level - Low or Medium

With good communication, you can set a specific time to relay back and forth with another crewmate, then spend the rest of the day regaining all the energy you spent. If you don't have a partner, you will need to rely on the rest of the crew for your relays, so you'll need to check in more often to see if progress has been made.

Expected Project Workers

Icon Lai Kuan Ti - has Designer on level 1, Astrophysicist on level 3 and Technician on level 4

Icon Raluca Tomescu - has Physicist on level 1, Technician on level 3, Designer on level 5

Icon Terrence Archer - has Robotics Expert on level 1, Technician on level 2, Pilot on level 3 and IT Expert on level 4

Actually it is difficult to separate "main" and "secondary" workers in nexus, it can be very situational, depending on the ship.

Additional Project Workers

Quite everyone on the ship can help in nexus. Pilots can help with projects, where Pilot skill gives benefits, same for Botanists or Firefighters. Actually, it is good place to help your team, when you don't know what else to do for any character.

PILGRED reactor repairs

Icon General criterias Icon
Job Difficulty Easy
Required Communication Low
Activity Level Low

Main skills - Icon Physicist Icon Technician

Main drive of your ship is damaged at the beginning of the game. Humans need to repair PILGRED to get any victory outcome - either to return to Sol, or go to New Eden. Also finishing PILGRED powers up coffee machine, giving you 8 cups of coffee every day instead of just 1. But mush agents can use working PILGRED for their victory as well - it's very dangerous to repair it before all mushes are killed.

Job Difficulty - Easy

All you need to do to repair PILGRED - go to engine room and press "Participate". If you have Physicist or/and Technician skills, you have much more efficiency. Don't forget about Relaying

Communication Required - Low

While you need at least one human to help with Relaying, mush less communication then in Research or Projects is requested. Just tell others you need a reset and you can rest for quite a whole day, waiting for it.

Activity Level - Low

If you work only on PILGRED, you need to come just few times a day to spend action points. But humans with Physicist or/and Technician skills are often expected to help with NERON projects as well - check that section as well if you take one of characters, listed below.

Expected PILGRED workers

Icon Raluca Tomescu - has Physicist on level 1, has Technician on lvl 3, if she can take both skills - she get double bonus.

Additional PILGRED workers

Icon Terrence Archer - any person who has unlocked Technician skill can do this work. Terrence is just one example, as he gets Technician skill easier - on just level 2


Icon General criterias Icon
Job Difficulty Easy
Required Communication Low
Activity Level Medium

Main skill - Icon Pilot

Secondary skills - Icon Shooter Icon Devotion Icon Creative Icon Expert

Pilots have three duties on the ship - they use patrol ships to kill enemy hunters, they use the Pasiphae to collect loot from defeated ships and join the exploration team with the Icarus. Characters without the Pilot skill have major penalties while piloting (default BIOS settings forbid them from even taking off), and turrets are not efficient in defeating enemies. That's why pilots are essential for Daedalus safety. Piloting can be done while dirty, so eating for AP is less of a hassle.

Job Difficulty - Easy

There are only a few things you need to know to do this job. Reading the main article will be enough.

Communication Required - Low

In most situations, you should kill hunters when you see them. Collect loot if all hunters are killed and you have action points. If you are launching the Icarus for an expedition, make sure everyone is ready first; otherwise you could leave critical people or equipment behind. If BIOS Pilot Lock is off, you don't even have to launch it yourself; just being present is enough to ensure a safe landing.

Activity Level - Medium

New Hunters can come at every cycle change, and in some cases it is critical to take them out before they start shooting. At the same time, Piloting is a very demanding job in terms of AP, and once you have spent yours, you can be offline for several cycles while you regain energy. Taking off with less than 8 AP is considered wasteful, as it only allows you a few shots.

Expected Pilots

Icon Jiang Hua - has Icon Pilot at level 1. Her other skills, namely Icon Botanist and Icon Survivalist, make her an ideal choice for an expedition team's pilot.

Icon Roland Zuccali - has Icon Pilot skill at level 2. The addition of the Icon Shooter skill at level 3 gives him more shots per day, allowing him to clear the hunters by himself at need.

Additional Pilots

Icon Kim Jin Su - has Icon Pilot skill at level 2, but his role as Commander often requires him to save action points for moving the ship and giving missions. The Icon Leader skill is also important for keeping morale up, especially if Janice is dead.

Icon Terrence Archer - has Icon Pilot skill at level 3, but his level 2 Icon Technician skill is often critical. He often has to use action points or Repair Point Technician points on emergency repairs, and if nobody else is on moving around the ship can be very AP expensive.

Icon Andie Graham - has Icon Pilot at level 1, but the level 3 Icon Polyvalent is preferred. Andie replaces Finola, the head researcher, and the job requires almost all of his/her AP.

Icon Frieda Bergmann - has Icon Pilot skill at level 2, but her job as a Icon Astrophysicist demands all the action points she can save. On most ships, it is not recommended that she take on Piloting duties, but she can serve as a backup pilot in case of emergency.

Icon Mage Book - Pilot skill books should be guarded carefully because they open up new opportunities for Mush and griefers. Giving this to somebody with the Icon Shooter skill is worthwhile.


Icon General criterias Icon
Job Difficulty Medium
Required Communication Medium
Activity Level Low or Medium

Main skills - Icon Biologist Icon Medic Icon Polyvalent

Secondary skills - Icon IT Expert Icon Devotion

Research is carried out at the console in the laboratory. Each project has different requirements to be available for research, and each offers benefits to the ship - many aid your crew in resisting and finding the Mush, but not all of them. Anyone who is clean can work in the lab, but the listed skills boost your efficiency. Most ships have one or two crew members specializing in research and depend on the rest of the crew for relays - see the Generalist section on research.

Job Difficulty - Medium

Knowing what to research, when, can be critical to the success of your ship. All anti-Mush research is useful and desirable to humans, but your unique situation may make certain projects more or less important. It's better to focus on one or two projects and see them to completion than to work on many projects that will take longer to complete when your AP is so spread out.

Required Communication - Medium

Working alone on research is very inefficient; you will need at least one person to work with you. See Relaying for more details. You also need to be aware of the Mush situation so you can be working on the most useful projects.

Activity Level- Low or Medium

With good communication, you can set a specific time to relay back and forth with another crewmate, then spend the rest of the day regaining all the energy you spent. If you don't have a partner, you will need to rely on the rest of the crew for your relays, so you'll need to check in more often to see if progress has been made.

Expected Researchers

Icon Andie Graham - has Icon Polyvalent skill at level 3. Researcher Andie is highly preferred to Pilot Andie, as he/she "replaces" Finola, the dedicated researcher. Additionally, the Icon Biologist, Icon Botanist, and Icon Diplomat skills are either only available to a few characters or require high experience levels to unlock.

Icon Finola Keegan - has Biologist skill at level 1 and Medic skill at level 2. Taking both skills will give her a double bonus to efficiency, and her Germaphobe trait makes her less than ideal for other tasks around the ship. If you are bronze and can only take one, Medic will also allow you to deal with injuries and to perform surgeries on characters that can't move.

Icon Zhong Chun - While she does not have any skills to boost her efficiency, most of the anti-Mush research requires her to be present. She is also the only one who can sleep safely in an unsecured Medlab, so she is expected to provide most of the relays for those with the proper skills.

Icon Ian Soulton - has Biologist skill at level 2. While Botanist usually takes priority for bronze players, he can and should still relay research when he has AP to spare - especially at the beginning of a ship when most of the plants are young and important anti-Mush research is being pushed.

Additional Researchers

Icon Janice Kent - While not a primary researcher, her flexible IT points are well spent helping out with early research projects and the later, difficult ones. Use of her points doesn't cut into her low action point budget and she occasionally needs to visit the lab for morale-giving bananas anyway.

Icon Eleesha Williams - Most of her duties involve keeping track of suspicious activity, but her travel around the ship gets her near the lab often. Higher level Eleesha players can have Icon IT Expert, and her flexible IT points can easily be spent in the lab while she passes through.

Icon Raluca Tomescu - Raluca usually stays at the back of the ship and most of her tasks can get her dirty. But Icon Genius, her level 4 skill, allows her to instantly finish the next project, research, or repair she tries after activating it. It is not uncommon for this skill to be spent to instantly complete the Retro-Fungal Serum to cure an exposed Mush.

Icon Mage Book - A Medic or Biologist skill book gives you that efficiency boost to research. Usually it should go to Chun or Ian, since they're always in the Lab anyway, but a Generalist could pick this up if important crew members are inactive or dead.


Holding a title gives you responsibilities above and beyond any skills you have, Titles give you exclusive access to certain consoles and actions aboard the ship. See Titles if you want a more in-depth description and for the order in which crew members are chosen for particular titles.


Icon General criterias Icon
Job Difficulty Medium
Required Communication High
Activity Level High

The Commander of the ship is the one responsible for moving the Daedalus. You also can spend one action point to give one of your crew a mission. Both can be done while dirty, at need.

Job Difficulty - Medium

The job itself isn't terribly difficult, but you should know what you're getting into. Incompetent Commanders are often killed to let the title pass on to somebody more experienced or active - it's for the good of the ship. Knowing where you need to be and how many action points are required are crucial to doing well.

Communication Required - High

Your major role is to move the ship. Be active in chat so you know if the Pilots are able to take care of the Hunters or if you should move to escape them, and be aware of the progress of planet scans. You can't send the ship anywhere if fuel isn't loaded, so you'll need to make sure that it is and how much is needed. You'll also need to know what is going on so you can give the day's mission to whoever needs it most. Lastly, you'll need to know if anybody is out in a patrol ship - leaving somebody behind kills them, and if that character has important enough skills, it could doom your ship.

Activity Level - High

You might be required at any time to move the ship, so check in as often as possible. You will also be required to go on expeditions for the same reason the Hacker Kit is secured: so you can't leave the explorers behind to die. Be sure to warn trusted crewmates when you won't be on for a while, so they can attempt to hack the command terminal if needed; this is not recommended, as it can be very expensive in terms of action points, but it's better than dying.

Expected commander

Icon Kim Jin Su is the ship commander from the beginning, if you take him - you should be ready for all responsibility

Keep also in mind, that if you take character, who follows Jin Su in the chain of command - Icon Wang Chao , Icon Gioele Rinaldo you can expect to do this duty, if anything happends to Jin Su.

Communications Officer

Icon General criterias Icon
Job Difficulty Medium
Required Communication Medium
Activity Level Low to Medium

The Communications Officer is responsible for all actions that happen from the Comms Terminal on the Bridge. This includes decoding Rebel Base signals, decoding Xyloph, updating Neron, and making trades with Merchant ships. Everything but trading requires that you be clean.

Job Difficulty - Medium

Reading the detailed page is usually enough to understand HOW to do your job. The difficulty is knowing what part of Comms you should be working on and when. Know what cycle the Rebel Base message comes in and save AP for those; know which Bases are the most important to decode and which can be skipped for more important things. You are also the only one who can work on these, so you have to know how to budget your action points.

Communication Required - Medium

Much of your work is solo work on the Bridge. Being so isolated can leave you vulnerable, so be watching for unusual people entering the Bridge. Don't be afraid to ask the crew for help if the connection to Sol breaks; having them work on it can save you some AP and prevent the signal from being down for days. Still - you will need to discuss trade options with the team, when they happen. You can also invite people with Icon Diplomat Icon Polyvalent Icon Botanist skills to the bridge to unlock new trade options, when traders arrive.

Activity Level - Low to Medium

Much like Astrophysics, you can sign in a few times a day to spend your saved AP on Comms work. Rebel bases and trading options will be lost when moving, so you should be active enough to finish everything you want before team have to move - sometimes they cannot wait you for long.

Expected communications officer

Icon Paola Rinaldo is the first to get the title of communications officer. As only communication officer can do all kind of communications, you will be expected to put your every action point in them.

Next people in chain for communication officer title are Icon Eleesha Williams and Icon Andie Graham but as Paola is not a priotiry target for mushes, unlike Jin Su and Janice, it's uncommon for them to receive the title.


Icon General criterias Icon
Job Difficulty Easy
Required Communication High
Activity Level Low to Medium

You have access to NERON's systems, allowing you to adjust his settings for the ship. You can do this while dirty, at need. The BIOS terminal is in the Nexus.

Job Difficulty - Easy

The BIOS interface is very simple to understand. The BIOS Terminal page explains what each setting does.

Communication Required - High

The crew will have requests for specific settings, so you need to be aware of them. You don't need to comply, but you should be telling them why you are not enabling that setting. You should also be aware of imminent expeditions, project completions, and situations that could require you to change settings.

Activity Level - Low to Medium

The settings usually don't need to be changed, but being active regularly allows you to adjust them as needed. Common examples are turning off pilot lock so the expedition can be launched when the pilot doesn't have enough action points, and turning on the Plasma Shields as soon as they are finished.

Expected NERON admin

Icon Janice Kent is the first NERON admin, if you want to take her - be sure you are ready for responsibility.

Generalist Duties

Icon General criterias Icon

Job Difficulty Medium
Required Communication Medium or High
Activity Level Medium

Characters who don't fit into one of the roles listed above are called Generalists. They are responsible for the non-specialized tasks that keep the ship running.

While these skills don't provide you are constant job, they can give you benefits in general tasks.

Icon Firefighter - helps you to stop fires

Icon Sprinter - helps you to move more across the ship, moving items or searching for broken equipment or fires

Icon Nurse - allows you to heal few times a day for free points

This is the list of the most common generalists duties.

- Relaying is very important for your specialists to have maximum efficincy in Research, NERON Projects and PILGRED repairs.

- Moving items. Different items should be in different rooms. Just few examples - items for expeditions should be moved to Icarus Bay, hydropots should be delivered to your gardener, apron and mush sample - to lab, extinguishers, wrench and medkit to rooms, where they can be accessed easily.

- Repairing ship hull

- Building new items with blueprints

- Stopping fires

- Healing ( even if your ship has a person with Icon Medic skill, he will probably need more help )

Job Difficulty - Medium

Each of generalist tasks is not difficult, but to learn everything generalist can do and to understand what is more important right now can take some time. Still generalist can be good choice for a new player. If somebody is the only specialist who does his job poorly, because he is inexperienced, crew can have a lot of problems, while any generalist can be replaced by anyone.

Required Communication - Medium or High

If you focus on Relaying you need same communication and activity level as specialist with same duty. But main purpose of generalist is to help with things, team needs most of all on this very moment. Watch closely what your comrades asked for or ask yourself where your help is needed.

Activity Level - Medium

There are two important things about generalists - first - being active to react on any problem when it appears will be very good. Second - there are so many generalist duties, that you will not be able to do everything yourself. That's why there are always multiple generalists, if you were not active while some emergency happen, another one will act. So actually activity level is situational - from low to high, it depends on your crew and ship state.

Expected generalists

Icon Derek Hogan - does not have skills for any specialist duties

Icon Gioele Rinaldo - before reaching level 4 he will be generalist

Icon Stephen Seagull - before reaching level 5 he will be generalist

Icon Lai Kuan Ti - before reaching level 3 he will be generalist. His first skill - Desinger just give him 2 free points for resets in nexus, while all his ap can be used in every task

Mush hunters doing generalist work

These people are expected to lead the mush hunt. But if mush hunt is over or if they have actions points left, they often work as generalists.

Icon Wang Chao

Icon Zhong Chun

Icon Eleesha Williams

A generalist may be asked to read a Mage Book to fill in for an inactive or dead specialist.