Patrol Ship

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Patrol Ship
Patrol Ship
 Access may be restricted due to the Crew Lock BIOS Setting This is the maximum amount of charges this equipment can hold.x10
In-game Description Maintenance Stats
[Hull and Charges levels] It's no longer all shiny and new, but it does the job
Repairing. Repair: ?%
Dismantle chance.Dismantle: no
Sabotaging. Sabotage: 25%
Green Jelly. Slime target: no
Map Patrollers.png

Alpha Bay (x3), Alpha Bay 2 (x1), Bravo Bay (x3)

Patrol Ships are equipment located in the different bays of the DAEDALUS. You can take off from a Patrol Ship and directly fight hunters in space. Being a Icon Pilot is recommended and often required.

Flying in a Patrol Ship shows the same view of the ships around the DAEDALUS as a Turret.

Infoicon.png this page is incomplete. The goal is to pull most of the info from the piloting page and put all possible details here. As I see it, the Piloting page should be a guide to piloting, all rare occurrences can be listed here only. I need help from experienced pilots (a screenshot would be nice too).


Each Patrol ship has its own ammo, and holds up to 10 charges (16 with NERON project Teslatron Reservoir). Examine a landed Patroller to see the current number of charges it has.

While in the Bay, ammo will recharge 1 per cycle.


Each Patrol ship has its own Armor, which starts with 10 points. The Examine action shows the current hull of the ship while you're in the Bay.

The hull can get damaged by hunters at cycle change, and a hull of 0 would immediately destroy the patrol ship and kill its pilot.

Repairing the hull takes, as for the DAEDALUS, Icon Scrap Metal. However, unlike the DAEDALUS, any Icon Support Drone can repair the hull for free.

New Actions


2Action Point Renovate

2Action Point Take Off

  • Requires: If the BIOS Setting BIOS Crew Lock is on Piloting, you need to be a Icon Pilot
  • Effect: You leave the DAEDALUS and are ready to fight hunters
    • Damage Icon Confirm: 5 to the DAEDALUS hull if you're not Pilot, 2-3 Icon TODO: expand range if needed with Bay Door XXL project
  • Affected by: Icon Pilot, NERON project Bay Door XXL, NERON project Launch Propulsion System

While Flying

1Action Point Fire on a Hunter

  • Success chance: 40% (80% if Icon Pilot)
  • Requires: The ship still has charges
  • Effect: You damage the selected hunter (if any, otherwise you damage a random one).
    • Damaged hunter is destroyed if its own Armor reaches 0
    • Consumes one charge
  • Affected by: Icon Lenses
A Hunter has been killed
[Character] cheered loudly! One less Hunter, yes!
Nearly there! [Character] hit a Hunter.

1Action Point Stance: <...>

  • Requires: Icon Pilot
  • Effect: You change the stance of the ship for some benefits or downsides.

2Action Point Land

  • Effect: You fly back to the DAEDALUS
    • Damage to the DAEDALUS hull if you're not Pilot (reduced with Bay Door XXL project)
  • Affected by: Icon Pilot, NERON project Bay Door XXL
  • Icon Public log: [Character]'s patrol ship has just landed.

In-Flight Cycle Change

If you were flying at cycle change you gain Action Point, Movement Point and other points normally. If there are hunters outside they might shoot at you, depending on the stance you had before cycle change. Their attacks damage both the patroller hull and the pilot Health Point. Icon TODO: what exactly happens when you're flying at cycle change