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Glory is a statistic that measures the success of any given character in a game of Mush. It is given to the character for performing various feats, either directly after the deed or at the end of the game.

The point of Glory Glory Points is to encourage role activities of the players. Thanks to the form of individual objectives for which players get points, they are motivated to play in-character and behave in accordance with their character's background. The game also provides the Ladder divided by Glory and Win nova.png Super Nova awards, where players can compete for 'high scores' and recognition in the community.

At the end of each game, a summary page is created called The End, where players are listed in order of Glory (Mush and Human together), in the case of a tie, the summary page is determined in the following order: Glory, Date of Death, Character Rank.

Icon Note: Some characters have a much easier time getting Glory than others, though, depending on their objectives and the situation. Also, actions which give one person Glory (e.g. solving the MAD Kube) are not always in the interest of the ship, and vice versa. So in its current state, the Glory score is more of a means of comparing people's success at fulfilling a given character's objectives rather than how vital they really were to the success of the mission.

Glory Points are divided into two categories: Glory Human Glory and Glory (Mush) Mush Glory.

Human Glory

Glory is earned by simply surviving and performing activities, ordinary or special - related to the personality, talents or historical background of the character played. Each crew member of the Daedalus has their own goals, accomplishing which usually rewards them with points of Glory.

List of sources

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Glory Human Glory Points Details
Ambitious +4 Icon Stephen: Earned a title for the first time.
Andie's fate +4 Icon Andie: Gained when a trade is performed with a transporter.
Biodiversity +1 per Number of different alien plants when reaching Eden.
Cartographer +4 Gained for calculating the coordinates of Eden
Cat Paradise +4 Icon Schrödinger survives until Eden.
Cat-astrophe -8 Icon Schrödinger is alive and infected when reaching Eden.
Cats hide to die -4 Icon Schrödinger is dead when Reaching Eden.
Chun Lives ! +1 Icon Chun: Survived a day.
Contact With Sol +8 Witnessed the first successful connection.
Defender of the Daedalus +1 Destroyed a Hunter.
Ecocitizen +3 Icon Ian: Number of different alien plants when reaching Eden.
Eden Contaminated -16 Human penalty for every Icon Mush still on board when reaching Eden.
Exoresearcher +1 Icon Frieda: Arrived at a new planet.
Expedition +3 * Went on an expedition.
Explorer +3 Icon Hua: Went on an expedition.
Extreme Chef +2 Icon Stephen: Got involved in a Combat event during exploration.
Fast Forward +3 Icon Jin Su: Moved towards a planet using the Navigation console (including when someone else moves the ship).
Fear of the Mush +3 Icon Gioele: Gained when a Icon Mush dies.
Flying Nemesis +1 Icon Roland: Destroyed 2 Hunters in a patroller or turret.
Future Biologist +3 * Earned by Biologists, Nurses and Medics when reaching Eden.
Future Techs +6 * Earned by Technicians when reaching Eden.
Happy Event +8 Getting pregnant.
Human Cycle +1 Gained every cycle for survival.
Intricate Surgery +5 Gained by the patient for successful surgery. Only earned when the logs say "an operation such as this, carried out with such flair, could advance science!"
Kivanç, My Love +8 Icon Paola: contacted Kivanç Terzi via the Xyloph DB.
Kuboid +5 * Solved the MAD Kube.
Lover +2 Icon Derek: Gained when he flirts with someone and they flirt back.
Magellan Ark +2 Icon Kuan Ti: Gained when a NERON Project is completed (including by someone else).
Major Research +16 Retro-Fungal Serum developed. Glory Earned a second time upon bringing this knowledge to Sol or Eden.
Microbe Pollution -1 per Number of illnesses when reaching Eden.
Minor Research +3 A lesser Anti-Mush research was completed. Glory Earned a second time upon bringing this knowledge to Sol or Eden.
Mother +2 Icon Raluca: Gained for every 20% progress on the PILGRED Reactor repairs (including by someone else).
Mushicide +3 Slaying a Icon Mush, including Icon Schrödinger if it's infected.
Mush Specialist +3 Icon Finola: Gained for every completed piece of Icon Mush research.
Naturalist +3 Icon Ian: Planted an Alien Fruit in a Icon HydroPot.
New Hope +2 Earned by everyone when a woman gets pregnant.
New Planet +5 Earned at every planet ( arrival in orbit )
One for all +1 per Number of crew members alive (human and mush) when reaching Eden.
One Step Closer +1 * Gained by the expedition crew for additional Icon Starmap Fragments after the first.
Part-time Ethnologist +3 Icon Janice: Met an alien creature during exploration.
Pilgredissimo -0 Earned by everyone when PILGRED is repaired. Icon Bug: This should be specific to casting ships.
Pluralism +4 Earned when both women and men reach Eden.
Psy-Chao-path +3 Icon Chao: Killed any character, including Icon Schrödinger.
Rebel Networks +2 Icon Eleesha: Contacted a Rebel Base.
Remedy +4 Icon Chun: Reached Eden.
Research +6 A greater Anti-Mush research was finished. Glory earned a second time upon bringing this knowledge to Sol or Eden.
Return To Sol +20 Ending the Game this way.
Return To Sol (infiltration) -10 Human penalty for every Icon Mush still on board when returning.
Robotic Grail +4 Icon Terrence: Upgraded a Icon Support Drone.
Savior +8 * Icon Jin Su: Reached Eden.
Super Nova +20 Earned when a ship is destroyed by the developers.
Terra Incognita +2 Icon Frieda: Discovered a planet with the AstroTerminal.
The Passing of the Torch +8 Given to all humans when a pregnant woman returns to Eden.
The Precious +4 Icon Chun: Gained when a piece of Research requiring her presence is finished.
Towards New Eden +6 * Earned by everyone when the first Icon Starmap Fragment is found.
Were-Rebel +8 Contacted the day 2 Rebel Base.
Research Subject +16 Been sold.

* Also earned as Icon Mush.

Mush Glory


The original 2 Icon Mush on board (nominated on game start) begin with 120 Glory (Mush) added. Each newly converted Mush converted turns their existing human Glory into Mush triumph.png. Unlike humans, Icon Mush lose their Glory on a daily basis and must obtain more by sabotaging ship peripherals, spiking and turning humans into Mush and other mushy activities.

List of sources

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Glory (Mush) Mush Glory Points Details
And Another! +8 Converted a Human to Icon Mush.
Contaminated +1 Infected a Human with a Icon Spore.
Contaminated Invasion of Sol +16 Boarded a flight back to Sol as Icon Mush.
Humanocide +3 Slaying a Human, including Icon Schrödinger if it's not infected.
Invasion of Eden +32 Boarded a flight back to Eden as Icon Mush.
Mush Cycle -2 Survived for the Cycle as the Icon Mush.
Mushified +120 * Earned when you cross over to the Icon Mush side.
Mush Victory +8 Killed or infected all Human crewmembers.
Without Hope +7 Earned by all the mush when Icon Chun dies.
Research Subject +16 Been sold.

* 120 Glory (Mush) for original Icon Mush, equal to pre-conversion amount of Glory for new convertees.