Extract a spore

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The action once the constipaspore serum research has been completed.

Extract a spore (not to be confused with Extract spore) is one of the basic mush actions. All Icon Mush have this action available and no skill is required to unlock it. It is a Icon Secret action and can therefore be seen by other people in the room.

Using this action creates a spore and stores it for a later use with other Mush actions. It costs 2 Action Point, or 4 Action Point when Constipaspore Serum research is completed. With a Icon Fertile skill a mush can produce one spore per day for free.

This basic "resource creation" always makes the Mush Icon Dirty, even when wearing the Icon Stainproof Apron. Besides the Action Point cost that can force Mush to be "lazy", this constitutes the basis for many Mush-hunter activities like checking people for being dirty, possibly being hurt from (secret) showering, and watching who had access to the shower(s) in general.

The entire mush team can produce a total of 4 spores each day (which is usually reduced to 2 by Antispore Gas and can be increased by 1 with Icon Mycelium Spirit skill), and each mush can carry a maximum of 2 spores at any time.