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There are many actions in Mush to which an efficiency is attached, given as a percentage. They can be classified into two categories:

  • Progress actions, which are always successful, and are used for a greater task. The efficiency of all participants sums up, until 100% is reached and the task is complete.
  • Random actions (repairing something, shooting someone, etc.), which may fail: the efficiency is the chance of success.

In both cases, the efficiency you get varies depending on many factors: the action itself, skills, items in inventory, broken equipment, etc.

Progress Actions

More info Main article: Relaying. For several of such actions (Research, NERON Projects, PILGRED) the efficiency of any character drops after each progress, and is only reset to its base level when another character does the same action: relaying is thus needed.

Random Actions: Success Chance

In most cases, a failed random action will only generate a Icon Private log but will, however, increase the efficiency by half or a quarter. The maximum efficiency is of 99%, meaning that a random action can always fail, even after 10 unlucky tries in a row.

Stopicon.png However, any other action consuming Action Point will reset the efficiency to its base level. Including converting Action Point into Movement Point.
  • On the other hand, changing room when Movement Point is available, lying down or eating do not consume Action Point and do not reset the efficiency.

It seems that unsuccesful repairs without tools increase previous efficiency by x1.5, while unsuccesful repairs with N tools increase increase previous efficiency with N tools by x1.25. As equipping two tools increases the base efficiency (no tools=base) by x2.25 and repairing with no tools increases the efficiency faster, it would be a good idea to start repairing items with very low initial efficiency without tools for quick growth of base efficiency, and then pick tools to get the x2.25 boost when base efficiency is 20-25% or higher.

Icon TODO: anyone knows how to fill this table without testing each action?

Action Base chance
(first try)
Next tries
2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
Repair 3% Icon Confirm: do alien TV and BIOS have the lowest repair chance ingame?
6% 9% 13% 19% 28% 42% 63% 94% 99%
12% 18% 27% 40% 60% 90% 99%
25% 37% 55% 77% 99% Icon Confirm: 77% should be 82% by multipliers
Repair with 1 tool 9% 11% 14% 17% 21% 27%? 34%? 42%? (tested on research lab) Icon Confirm: With multipliers & rounding, it should be: 9-...-21-26-32-40-60
18% 22% 27% 34% 42% 53% 66% 82% 99% Icon Confirm: experimental numbers, test them
37% 46% 57% 71% 89% 99% Icon Confirm: experimental numbers, test them
Repair with 2 tools 13% 16% 20% 25% 31% 39% 49% 61% 76% Icon Confirm: experimental numbers, test them
25% 22% 27% 34% 42% 53% 66% 82% 99% Icon Confirm: experimental numbers, test them
56% 70% 87%? 99% (first two tested on fuel tank) Icon Confirm: 3rd try is a experimental numbers, test it
Turret: shoot 30% 45% 67% 99% (tested)
AstroTerminal: Scan 80% 99% (tested)
Icon Extinguisher:Extinguish 50% 62% 77% 96% 99% (tested)
Icon Hacker Kit: Hack 25% 31%? 39%? 49%? 61% 99% Icon Confirm: 2nd,3rd,4th are experimental numbers, test them
Kick Off (active target) 60% 75% 92% 99% (tested)