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Game Modes are a classification for Mush players which define several characteristics and limits they are subjected to during the game. There are three Game Modes: Icon Bronze, Icon Silver and Icon Gold.

Bronze Mode

Icon Bronze Mode is the standard non-paying mode in which the game is played. It is permanently replaced by Icon Silver Mode after purchasing Gold Days at least once.

In Bronze Mode, your character will possess:

Silver Mode

Icon Silver Mode is permanently unlocked as part of the Icon Gold Mode 'Welcome Pack' which you receive by purchasing Gold Days via abonnement or MTPasses. It replaces Icon Bronze Mode as your go-to mode if your Gold Days run out.

In Silver Mode, your character will possess:

Silver Mode represents a permanent reward for supporters of the game, which allows them to keep certain benefits even without keeping up a regular Gold Days abonnement.

Gold Mode

Icon Gold Mode is the "premium" Game Mode which provides assorted benefits. To play in Gold Mode, you need to have active Gold Days on your Mush account. Gold Days do not count down while you're not on a ship.

During Gold Mode, your character will possess:

  • 4 Skill slots
  • 4 Icon Mush Skill slots (if Mush)
  • The Icon iTrakie
  • Doubled XP gain per cycle
  • +2 bonus to max. Health Point points
  • +2 bonus to max. Morale points

If you run out of Gold Days during the game, the skills you've already acquired will remain, but you will lose free skill slots (except those you would have in Icon Bronze or Icon Silver modes).

Welcome Pack

With the first purchase of Gold Days via abonnement or MTPasses you also receive the Welcome Pack which consists of: