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Basic Actions

A basic action is an action that all players have and does not need to be unlocked by choosing a skill. Here are some of the simplest ones
Mush players have additional basic actions (see Basic Mush Actions).

Kick off

1 Action Point Kick off


1 Action Point Hide

  • Target: Droppable item
  • Effect: Hiding items prevents them from appearing on the room's shelves to anyone but the person that hid them. They still can remain effective (e.g. MycoAlarm)
  • Icon Private log: [Person] has hidden their [object]


1 Action Point Search

  • Target: None
  • Effect: You search the room, discovering one hidden item per attempt.
    • The action can't fail, if you don't found anything, there isn't anything hidden.
  • Affected by: Icon Observant.
  • Icon Public log: [Person] has discovered a hidden [object]
  • Icon Private log: Icon TODO: Missing information. (log when there's no hidden object)

Lie down

Lie down

  • Target: Unoccupied Bed/Sofa
  • Effect: You start laying down and occupying a bed/sofa, to gain extra Action Point at cycle change, and extra Morale if a Icon Shrink is present.
  • Icon Public log: [Person] is lying down... It's good to just stop and take a break. Destination : the land of dreams!

Get up

Get up

  • Requires: Your character laying on a bed or sofa
  • Target: None
  • Effect: You stop laying down and occupying a bed/sofa.
    • Happens automatically when taking any other action, or clicking on anywhere in the room other than inventory (clicking on people makes you stand up too)
  • Icon Public log: [Character] wakes up calmly.


1 Action Point Flirt

  • Requires: Target must be of opposite gender or Icon Andie
    • Icon Raluca cannot flirt due to her Icon Antisocial trait, but others can flirt with her and then she can do the thing.
    • Flirt is impossible between Icon Paola and Icon Gioele.
  • Target: Standing character that flirted with yours
  • Effect: Flirt allows a character whom you flirted with to "do the thing" with you.
  • Affected by: Icon Antisocial trait
  • Icon Public log:
    • [Female character] seems interested in [Male character], the fluttering of their eyelashes is a good indicator of their most intimate thoughts
    • [Male character] seems interested in [Female character]. The way he looks at her leaves nobody in any doubt of his intentions.

Do the thing

1 Action Point Do the thing

  • Requires:
    • None of you have Done the thing that day, your partner must not be laying down.
    • The room has an empty bed or sofa in it.
    • There are no bystanders (even asleep) or cameras installed in the room.
  • Target: Non sleeping character that flirted with yours
  • Effect: Raises morale by 2 Morale points for both participants.
    • Can transfer Icon Spores from a mush inventory to their human partner, can transfer Icon Disease between humans.
    • Female characters (including Icon Frieda, but not Icon Andie) have an 8% chance of getting Icon Pregnant.
  • Affected by: Icon First Time
  • Icon Public log: [Character] and [Character] killed the lights and then the strange noises started... A few minutes later, the lights went back on. They seemed in great spirits afterwards.
  • Icon Private log: Icon TODO: Missing information.
  • Action flavor: Icon TODO: Missing information.


1 Action Point Guard

  • Requires: Character Level 3 or higher
  • Target: None
  • Effect: Keeps any crew members in the room from leaving through any door except the one they entered through.
    • The stance is broken when any other action is issued.
    • It counts as "aggressive" action, so guarding a room with Icon Ian or someone with Icon Crazy Eye in it costs 2 more Action Point (stackable).
  • Affected by: Icon Sneak, Icon Crazy Eye skills and Icon Pacifist trait. Icon Solid/Icon Wrestler characters can still throw people out through random doors.
  • Invisible



  • Requires: Must not have Icon Full Stomach status. If consumable is a pill, it must be the first one consumed that day.
  • Target: Consumable (food, fruits or pills)
  • Effect: You consume the item, receiving/losing points and illnesses depending on the consumable. Can make you Icon Dirty, unless holding the Icon Stainproof Apron.
  • Affected by: Icon Frugivore, Icon Caffeine Junkie skills and Icon Mush status
  • Icon Secret log: Starving.png [Consumer] ate/devoured/munched their Actions/little snack/nice little meal/small meal, burp.
    • If mush, it will also create a Icon Private log: Icon TODO: Missing information.


1 Action Point / 1 Repair Point Repair

Basic Mush Actions

A basic mush action is an action that all mush players have and does not need to be unlocked by choosing a skill. These actions are in addition to the "basic actions" already listed above.

Extract a spore

2 Action Point Extract a spore


1 Action Point Infect

  • Target: Non immunized humans, Icon Schrödinger.
  • Effect: Uses one carried Icon Spore and transfers it to the target.
    • Mush players can only infect once a day
    • Humans require 3 spores to convert to Icon Mush, Schrödinger requires only a single one. When converted, the spores transfered to the new mush dissapear.
  • Affected by: Research project Mushovore Bacteria, Icon Crazy Eye, Icon Pacifist and Icon Infector.
  • Icon Covert log: [Mush] approached [victim] in a predatory manner... and spiked them discretely!


2 Action Point Sabotage

  • Target: Sabotable equipment
  • Effect: You attempt to break equipment, the action might fail improving your Efficiency.
  • Affected by: Icon Saboteur.
    • Icon Doorman allows to sabotage a random door per day for free.
  • Icon Secret log: Icon TODO: Missing information. (successful sabotage)
  • Icon Private log: Icon TODO: Missing information. (failed sabotage)


3 Action Point Mutate

  • Target: None
  • Effect: You mutate into Berzerk.png Berserker, healing 4 Health Point, giving a permanent Guardian.pngGuardian status, and improving melee attacks damage on 1 :hp:.
    • The berserker will lose any items and active skills it had, won't be able to speak on public channels, and will only be able to Attack, Move and Sabotage.
  • Icon Public log: [Character] curls up, clearly suffering. The crewmember's cries resonate throughout the room before ungodly bile spews from their mouth and melts their clothing... How horrific! [Character] has completely mutated!